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Collective Worship

At our school, our shared faith is central to every aspect of school life. We aim to be a loving, serving. learning and faithful community inspired by the life of Christ, the teachings of the Church and guided by Marian values.

Acts of worship may take place at any time during the day. It may take the form of a single act of worship with the whole school community or separate acts of worship in school/class groups. When we gather for worship, we focus on the Word of God, we use symbol and ritual and we are open to God’s presence among us.

We love coming together in fellowship to and this is an integral part of our school: Christian values permeate all aspects of school life and all relationships through our School values, the Our Lady of Lourdes Way.

Through our worship, we are enabled to grow spiritually, morally and also in our liturgical understanding. We allow ourselves to grow in understanding of our living faith tradition and then develop a sense of wonder and inspiration in the person of Christ. It is through worship that we share each other’s faith experiences and learn the skills of prayer and reflection.

Collective worship in school

Worship takes place in school daily, staff and pupils are encouraged to pray with thoughtfulness and with respect through a variety of prayer experiences. These include: 

- KS2 and whole school Masses where we walk to Our Lady of Lourdes and St Joseph's church

- Whole school liturgies, such as reconciliation services and celebrations

- Regular assemblies

- Formal classroom worship

- Daily opportunity for individual reflective prayer and meditation

Our worship follows the liturgical year and we attend church for all appropriate feast days and Holy Days of obligation.

Our worship is created with our school values in mind, enabling children to see how our school values are intertwined with Gospel Virtues, British values, world events and world faiths.

You can see what the children are doing in class worship by clicking the link to Ten:Ten here.


Stay and pray assemblies

Each class takes it in turns to lead an assembly based on the topic they have been studying during their RE lessons. Parents are invited to join their children as they celebrate their work through prayer, song, dance and drama.

Liturgy prefects

Our Liturgy prefects are enabled to become responsible for worship in our school. They help prepare for, plan and celebrate school liturgies and Masses alongside the Deputy Headteacher.

Our Liturgy Prefects lead a weekly prayer group on every Tuesday morning at 8:30am.

They also monitor prayer tables in classrooms and the prayer areas around school.