Meet the Staff

The Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Sally Nutman: Executive Headteacher

Mrs Lisa Hopkinson: Deputy Headteacher

Mr James Green: Assistant Headteacher

Mr Larry Bragard: Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Janet Mullally: Deputy Headteacher (Sacred Heart)

Mr Kevin Stoner: Assistant Headteacher (Sacred Heart)


Ms Byast/ Mrs Edmunds (RSB) and Mrs Mardell (RM)

Year 1

Mrs Kwasnica (1K) and Mrs Watts (1W)

Year 2

Mrs Moonie (2M) and Mrs Leach (2L)

Year 3

Mrs Driscoll (3D), Mrs Harding and Mrs Tallon (not pictured) (3HT)

Year 4

Mrs McLauchlan (4M) and Mrs Leftley (4L)

Year 5

Mrs Downey (5D) and Mrs Blackburn (5B) 

Year 6

Mr Jackson (6J), Mr Abel (6A) and Mr Braggard (Assistant Headteacher)


Mrs Briggs (SENCo)

Mr Russo (Deputy Inclusion and Class cover)

Specialist Teachers

Mrs Blainey (PE coordinator) and Mr Dawes (PE teacher) Mr Webster (not yet pictured)

Mrs Kidd (Science Teacher)

Mrs O'Kane (Music Teacher) not yet pictured.

Learning Support Assistants

Miss Holland - Reception

Mrs McCullie - Reception

Mrs Ryan - Reception

Mrs Celino - Reception
Miss SoaresMrs McMahon 
Mrs Mitchell
Miss Harris 
Mrs HockleyMiss Rae 
Mrs Watts 
Mrs Durham 
Mrs Alden 
Mrs Pilley 
Mrs Daves 

Mrs Holland 
Office Staff
Mrs Robertson
Mrs Lawson
Mrs WestwickMrs Driscoll

Kitchen Staff
Mrs HumeMrs Spooner
Site Manger
Mr Munro

Executive Headteacher: Mrs S. Nutman