Battle of Britain
Scarlett Perry , 06-12-2016, 14:36

The battle of Britain was so important to us because yes we may of won the battle there was so much more to it than that because it wasn't just any old battle there where so many things going on at the same time like peoples houses where blowing up sirens where going off here and there you always had to be on the look out . In my opinion it was so scary and I am almost sure that anyone would say the same thing . So many people died and there where also a lot of really interesting facts to know like how stressful it must of been having to constantly been making uniforms for all the soldiers and knowing this might be your last time with your feet standing on the ground . But everyone was so overjoyed when they found out that we had won the Battle of Britain!

Battle of brittian
Eoin Rodrigues, 06-12-2016, 14:36

It is very interesting how we (the British) defeated the Nazis in the battle of Brittan and that is what I am talking about we had only about 60 planes but the enemy had about 1600 about that but we still beat them. Both the Nazis and the British shot down under 100 planes.After that came the effect the blitz it was as very bad time for the British big city's like London constantly being bombed by the Nazis people every day having to go in air raid shelters I would not like to be in that time. But we are going off topic so back to the battle of Britain. obviously it took place in Brittan in world war 2 and It was as fight between Luftwaffe and RAF but I wonder what we never knew about this bit of history well I guess we will never know well I think this is a good place to end my blog so goodbye and hope you enjoyed my blog and learned a lot so goodbye.

Zach Watts , 06-12-2016, 14:32

Dunkirk was a dangerous time for Britain if we did not get away over 300 thousand people would of died and we would have probably lost the war.Lots of Germans where pushing us back into the sea but Britain held their ground when we were in a bad situation the mini ships came to help.Soldiers waited for a long time in the frosty sea with no food or drink because if you drink the salty water it could make your neck saw and of cause no sleep. Unfortunately Britain lost around 50 thousand soldiers who fort bravely for there country in the war but when the Nazis surrounded us some people thought were doomed. Mini ships carried soldiers to the large ships, when the Nazis found out that we were retreating they got there air force to come and bomb the large ships so less and less people survive.

Battle of Britain.
Pablo Cox , 06-12-2016, 14:31

The Battle of Britain was in world war 2 and it was done in the sky which meant there were lots of planes and when you have planes there's normally lots of bombs. So London was not a good place to be but, luckily they had air raid shelters called Anderson shelter or Morrison shelters.

A Anderson shelter was a air raid shelter that was inside and a Morrison shelter was outside. When people heard the sirens they had to go in there air raid shelter for protection. If you are in school you have to go under your desk for protections so it would be more likely to be killed if you were in school than if you were at home.

The German planes would normally try to bomb factories because the factories were making things to help Britain win the war. Britain was outnumbered by the German planes but still won which is amazing.



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