Sam Reddington Haroun, 06-12-2016, 14:49

Advent is a bat love because babe Jesus was born and its a bat people giving love to the word every one gets to see the family and get to sing Christmas songs with the people you love Advent. So lovely to so many people in the word in clouding you every one love there family and .Advent is a bat the baby Jesus being born its the love they give to people wood pray to Jesus .

Annie Conway, 06-12-2016, 14:49

Advent is a time to celebrate with your family and it is Jesus birthday and you get present from Santa and you can have lost of food . I am going to my nans hose for Christmas and I would like a will u what you lice for Christmas? Have you got elf on a shelf? I do mine is called Gingerbread .

Roisin Mohan, 06-12-2016, 14:46

This blog is about Dunkirk . During world war 2 Dunkirk was the most important part . Because all the British soldiers got little boats from Dunkirk then they got big ships to London . Lots of big ships got bombed but little boats came to the RESCUE. Because the big ships could not go close to the shore line so the little ship picked up the British soldiers and took them to the big ships .

On the to Dunkirk the brave British blew up bridges but then the NAZIS brought there own bridges .The Nazis were moving very quickly to try and catch the British but nothing is stopping the British . Eventually we are on the big ships !

Jacob Browne, 06-12-2016, 14:43

The Nazis were cornering us, we were losing most of our soldiers, trying to hold them back. We ended up on the Dunkirk beaches, stranded, but a miracle happened: The Miracle of Dunkirk. This was ,well I think the key for winning World War II . Suddenly out of nowhere came these little ships, they were the miracle, the key. Soldiers waited on the Dunkirk beaches for days on end in the perishing seas, and if you jumped the queue you would get shot. Either way, you wouldn't really stand a chance. With no food for days in the freezing cold water, that you couldn't drink [and if you did you would get terrible dehydration] , no sleep for nights. Admiral Ramsay created Operation Dynamo witch was the evacuation of soldiers on the stranding beaches: Firstly you would have to queue on the beaches, then get on the boat which will take you to the other boat which will take you home. That is why I think Dunkirk is such an important thing for our victory.

Battle of Britain
Joe Broderick, 06-12-2016, 14:43

The battle of Britain was mainly up in the air but had a big impact on the land down below. Going into the battle, the British where not very confident because they where outnumbered by 100's. The British planes where called the spitfire and the German planes also had a really cool name the hurricane. The British plane force where called the Royal Air Force (RAF). The German plane force had a name that sounded really good too, the Luffwaffe.

The battle started with the Germans on the upper hand and when I say upper I mean they where like a pack of wolves against a tiny little bug. Even though they had a lot less RAF fighter pilots the quality of the pilots was absolutely spectacular. The Luffwaffe started off by bombing many different army bases and this seemed to be doing very well.

Until when one plane lost its way and ended up dropping its loads on top of a city causing absolute devastation to everyone. So the Germans continued with this tactic which then gave the RAF time to build up its forces. eventually the British had eventually built up enough planes to overcome the Germans.

Saviour de Cruz, 06-12-2016, 14:42

Why is Dunkirk important? Well, I can tell you! Read on to learn loads!

Dunkirk is ( in my opinion) how we won the war. The Little Ships saved us, in a way that will be remembered.

They were onto the British, the Nazi party (NSDAP). we were attacking in France, but they knew we were there. We blew up bridges, the Nazi's brought their own bridges. We attacked, they pushed us to Dunkirk.

This is where it started!

When Mr. Churchill found out, he issued a meeting with corporal Ramsay ( The Corporal of the royal Navy ) and Operation Dynamo began!

Did You Know?

333,333 soldiers were at Dunkirk

You would queue for 1-3 days!


So, what is Operation Dynamo? Stress not! I will tell you!

Operation Dynamo was where the Big Ships waited in the sea and the Little Ships went back and forth to the little ships.


If you were to jump the queue, you would not live to tell the tale.

I know what you are thinking. WHAT!?

Yes I know it is horrible because you got shot.

But everyone wanted to get home, so jumping queue's were out. Of. The. Question.

And then, we were saved!

The Little Ships came and saved us all.

At a price.

Over 200 people died.

We remember them in silence

That is a brief version of Dunkirk!

Maria Parker, 06-12-2016, 14:39

Dunkirk was a big part of world war 2 Dunkirk is in France. What happen was the Narzies were surrounding the British the British were out numbered by them and were eventually cornered but the only thing that could save the brave British were big and small ships so that's what they did they could catch a ship to Dover or Leigh on sea but it wasn't really a choice lots of fish men would have to bring there boats because there wasn't enough. Soldiers queued for days but if you jumped it you would get shot Narty planes surrounding the sky's trying to bomb the ships that's why the little ships were so important .

All about the Battle of Britan
Ralph Naveda, 06-12-2016, 14:39

The Battle of Britain happened in the sky. It links into WWII. There were two teams, the Luftwaffe (the German aircraft) and the RAF (Royal Air Force). The Luftwaffe had amazing weapons such as the V1 (a flying robot bomb) and V2 (a bomb that went so fast you could not see it!). There were shelters that hid you from these frightful attacks, the Morrison
and Anderson shelter. An Anderson shelter was put up in a garden and covered in mound and flowers to hide from Luftwaffe aircraft, and from 1941, you could have a Morrison shelter which was indoors and you were safe in it even if the roof fell down on you! A famous RAF aircraft is a Spitfire and is known as one of the best made aircraft in history! At night you had something called 'black out'. This was when, to make it look as though it wasn't a city. The reason why you didn't want it to look like a city was because the city was a main target for the V1 and V2 attacks.

Battle of Britain
Rosie Clark, 06-12-2016, 14:37

The Battle of Britain happened in World War 2.It was a very scary time for everyone, planes flew dropping bombs and nobody could stop them. One of the bombs was called a V1 flying bomb it sounded like the engine of a cheap motorbike and you didn't want to be under it when it landed. People hid in a metal shelter in their garden called a bomb shelter some people had indoor shelters called Morrison shelter, if you where at school and you heard a loud alarm go off it was not good, the alarm meant the German planes had arrived so you had to hide under your desk until the alarm went off again this meant you where safe.The Luftwaffe was a famous German plane and if you saw one it was time to take shelter! There were blackouts at night so the Germans could not see where you were. The Battle of Britain happened in the sky.
Thank you for reading my blog

May Sandell, 06-12-2016, 14:36

I love Advent the following days that lead to Christmas make you more exited for Christmas day.

December is also fun because you get a calendar with treats inside . If you'd like you could get an elf on the shelf if you write a letter to Santa or bye one in the shops.

all the decorations you can bye. all the things you can give to the poor or family there are also many things you can volunteer for and make other people happy and to see lots of people have joy because of you warms your heart
knowing you made them smile you can also make other people happy by making them Christmas cards,
Christmas cards are fun to make its not about presents its about caring for others.

there is nothing annoying about,
advent it just makes you more exited for Christmas and helps us think of what Jesus did for us because he loves us he didn't want to go with God he wanted to stay with us so we could love more easy for those who don't think he is real they could love him if they new that he is real and he loves everyone.



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