Niamh Payne, 06-12-2016, 14:55

Why was Dunkirk important?
Dunkirk was important because most of the soldiers went there to get on ships.
Winston Churchill was PM at the time.

Dunkirk was a place were all the ships would take soldiers home.
there were little ships to take soldiers to the big ships and then bring them home.
If they wanted to get on a ship they had to line up in the cold wet sea.

Battle of Britain
Charlotte Daves , 06-12-2016, 14:55

The Battle of Britain Is important because it is what's above not just on the ground . The Germans had more people but we were winning ,on the ground , is what we call the blitz . when others were trying to invalid England we were lucky because we had the AMAZING army, we ........... WON .

If we lost we would be speaking a different language ,it was sad that some of our army did not make it , on the ground you were not allowed to put signs up or Germans would come and bomb the place were it was you were not allowed lights on and you had to have your blind down .

how lucky we were. The Germans were bombing everywhere so no one was left . If we didn't have the R A F , I do not know what we would have done ! On Dunkirk we were almost in the water, but luckily boats came and saved us.

Ollie Berridge, 06-12-2016, 14:54

When we were in France the Nazis (Germens) pushed us back into Dunkirk, we were loosing but one saved us...

Soldiers had to wait in the cold sea with little food & water if you skipped the queue you got shot. When you were at the front you could clime the little ships.
When they were on the little the little ship it travelled to the big ship it took a long time!
When you were on the big ship you could go home lots survived!
the miracle of Dunkirk

May Sandell, 06-12-2016, 14:54

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Esme Woolford, 06-12-2016, 14:53

If you're one of those people that don't know what happened in Dunkirk, well I'm about to tell you.. ...This happened in world war II, we fought in Dunkirk against the Nazis. We didn't have many soldiers because most of them had been killed in fact 287 000 (approximately) British soldiers were killed but only (approximately) 50 000 Nazis were killed. The Battle was tough but we got though it, well, just about anyway.

There were loads of 'dive bombers' that blew up the 'big ships; so the 'little ships' had to come in as the RESCUE TEAM to come and help us, but to get to them we had to queue up for HOURS! but we didn't have anything to eat or drink and we couldn't jump the queue otherwise we would get shot. although it was hard, we won the war.

Battle of Britan
Lois Scofield, 06-12-2016, 14:52

I think the battle of Britain is important because the Nazis were just starting to realize they were losing the war. Britain were out numbed greatly and had pilots who were 20 or maybe older but they pulled through. The battle of Britain lead to other wold war 2 big things one was the blitz . The blitz was a series of night time air raids, London was a main target ..

Wold war 2 was very different to ww1 . in ww1 all the fighting was done on the ground but ww2 took to the sky .The R.A.F was Britain's air force and the Luftwaffe was Nazi air force . I think this battle was important because I showed Britain's power and how they will never be beet .
A pilots salary in ww2 was £ 255 but today it is £30 000 ! big change ! so I have told you what I think is important about the battle of Britain and why it was important!

Ashley Beacham, 06-12-2016, 14:52

Dunkirk was very important to the second world war the Germans and Nazis were closing in on Britain and you could catch boats from Dunkirk so that was exactly what they did they got little ships from Dunkirk to dover or Leigh on sea for safety then went to London to attack the Germans.

Soldiers had to line up to catch a ship to dover or Leigh on sea if you were half way down the line and you just scampered to the back of the line you would get shot by the chief if you are at the back then watch your back!!!!

Battle of Britain
Millie Markham, 06-12-2016, 14:51

The Battle of Britain was how we managed to win world war 2.It was all in the air which meant there were lots of planes, unluckily, most of them were Nazis, so we were hopelessly outnumbered.

Many people had there own air raid shelter, which was called an Anderson shelter. Irritatingly, to have an Anderson shelter you had to have a garden, so in 1940 they invented a Morrison shelter which was indoors. You could play table tennis on top and crawl inside when there was an air raid, although it was quite squashed and you felt like sardines in a tin. They were very strong and you were usually safe even if the roof fell down on top of you. No-one liked public shelters very much, they were dark , damp and not as strong as they looked, in London, if there was an air raid you would go to the nearest Underground station.

Big bombs exploded with a loud bang and destroyed buildings, smaller bombs called incendiaries started fires. Fire-fighters risked their lives to put out the flames.

Colette Petrie, 06-12-2016, 14:50

Dunkirk was not a very exiting for people who had dads or husbands who were fighting. Dunkirk was the most important part of world war 2 and very terrifying for the soldiers too ,Winston Churchill was the prime minister at the time Dunkirk was taking place.

lots of little boats came to the RESCUE and helped all the soldiers to get away from Dunkirk and the Germans, all the little boats came and picked up the British and brought the solders to big ships.

The Battle Of Britan
Jessica Miller, 06-12-2016, 14:49

The Battle Of Britan was mainly in the air, but some fighting was done on the ground. The British were outnumbered by hundreds of Nazis but fought bravely even so. The British planes were called Spitfires and the Nazis planes called Luftwaffe. The British forces were called Royal Air Force (RAF).London was a main target for German planes as it was and still is a vast city with many buildings.

As the Germans had much more planes and men than the British, the British needed to fight back really hard. The Luffwaffe started of by bombing small towns and city's who were making things that helped during the war. The RAF gradually started building up forces to a high standard. Aircraft filled the sky making it a green and black blur.

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