Life At Lourdes

Windmill Hill 2017

May 20, 2017

Year 6 enjoyed their residential trip at Windmill Hill, Sussex. Apart from sleep deprivation, they are all having a ball! Jemima and Alex, their team leaders, have bonded with them from the start. It is a joy to watch our young people gel together as well as demonstrate independence and resilience. Wet clothes everywhere!

Quotes from some Year 6 children on Windmill Hill:
Coco - Really fun and the bedrooms are really nice. Fencing was cool with Ollie.
Neve - The trip has made me ecstatic. I love it all.
Rachel - I really am enjoying - very exciting and we get to experience lots of different things.
Stan - Enjoyable and the best trip ever.
Jack - Epic! I think it has great friendly staff.
Johan - So far, so good, - I need some sleep!
Jonah - It's really good; the accommodation is really nice.

Executive Headteacher: Mrs S. Nutman