Life At Lourdes

Year 2 Trip to Tower of London

Feb 24, 2017

Here are a few comments from the children in year 2 about their trip to Tower of London:

It was a fun day and I enjoyed seeing the beefeaters!

By Olivia

I loved seeing the Crown Jewels because they were really sparkly and I liked the crowns!

By Martha

I liked the throne because it was covered in gold and expensive jewels!

By Amelie

I liked the man who took us back in time and I liked the Crown Jewels!

By Oliver

My favourite part was seeing the Crown Jewels!

By Pearl

The best part was when we got to see the guards!

By Ben

My favourite thing to see that day was The Shard because it’s really big and is made out of glass!

By Oscar

I really liked the White Tower because there were lots of interesting things there!

By Niah

My favourite part was seeing all the armour in the White Tower!

By Charlie

I loved seeing Queen Elizabeth’s actual crown!

By Harry C

I enjoyed the White Tower. There were lots of steps!

By Connor

I liked going in the cage when visited the animal room!

By Eva

My favourite part was going back in time with the workshop man!

By Grace

I liked finding out about the animals that were kept at the Tower!

By Evie

I was excited because I went on the train. It was fun!

By Maisie

I liked the White Tower because it had lots of shiny armour!

By Lola

My best part of the day was seeing the ravens because I had learnt about the legend. Their wings were smaller than I thought!

By Horatio

I liked the room where they told us about the animals that used to live there because it was really interesting!

By Christina

I liked going to the White Tower because I like learning about battles!

By Harry M

I loved The Shard and The Gherkin because they looked super cool!

By Mackenzie

My favourite part of the day was when I saw The Cheese grater, The Walky Talky, The Shard and The Gherkin!

By Marley

I loved seeing Tower Bridge because it is very big and goes across the River Thames!

By Alfie

I liked learning about the animals that used to be at the Tower of London! The Polar Bear was my favourite!

By Tommy

My best part was going to the White Tower because it had all the armour inside!

By Eden

My favourite part was The Medieval Palace because we got to see the throne!

By Jude

I liked doing the activities about London on the train!

By Sidney

I liked it when we went back in time and learnt about The Great Fire of London!

By Joseph

My favourite bit was all of it. I liked the whole tower!

By Sebastian

I really liked the White Tower and seeing the dragon made of weapons!

By Rhone

The Crown Jewels were really pretty and I thought I was dreaming seeing them!

By Dana

Executive Headteacher: Mrs S. Nutman