We have a great week planned for the children this week (27th February - 3rd March).

These are a few of the highlights:

Monday: we are looking at and discussing our favourite books.

Tuesday: is ‘The BIG Read’. Between 9.00 and 9.30 EVERYONE in the entire school will be reading quietly, children, teachers, office staff, Mrs. Sullivan.

Wednesday: The teachers are swapping classes to read their favourite stories to a different class.

Thursday: This is ‘World Book’ day. We will be sharing books with a different age class.

Friday. We are dressing up as a book character and having a special assembly where all our extreme reading photos will be shown.

There are various competitions are going on including:-

Where’s Wally? Can you find him?

Would you like to design a book token?

Can you make up a postcard you would write if you were on an Island with the Famous Five?

GUARDIAN BEST BOOK FOR CHILDREN -How many have you read?


British Council

Clifford Stories


Executive Headteacher: Mrs S. Nutman