Life At Lourdes

Year 5 World War 2 Day

Dec 13, 2016

On Friday 1st September 1939 year 5 were the first to be evacuated! 

The children spent the morning learning about what life was like for an evacuee, undertaking a variety of tasks from organising their luggage to getting their ration books ready. Both classes were very fortunate to have a special guest come in to talk to them. 5J had Mr Jackson’s grandmother in to talk about life as an evacuee and 5A had Corporal Ernest John Crisp, who fought during the D-Day landings. Year 5 were honoured to have such wonderful people in to share stories and the children asked many insightful questions. The morning was finished with Spitfire building and flying. The afternoon was spent re-enacting the Battle of Britain with the children realising the impressive feat of the RAF and how they overcome the great number of Luftwaffe planes. It was a wonderful day where the children could look back on their WW2 knowledge and spent a day learning more facts. 

Executive Headteacher: Mrs S. Nutman